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"Has God not chosen the poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom?" - St.James

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£ 50 Gorom-Gorom school

This gift will help build "Wakkil Alla" Christian School in Gorom-Gorom.

Education is a major need in Burkina Faso, where less than on-third of adults cannot read or write. Education is key in the country's development and its poverty reduction strategy, and Christian schools play a significant role in the education system there.

Wakkil Alla School is a school open to all regardless of religion, race, or sex, and particularly aimed at helping provide quality education for the poorest and most vulnerable sector of society:

£50 could for example buy 5 sacks of cement, or 5 roofing sheets, or desks and benches for 6 children.

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This beautiful card lets the recipient know that you have, on their behalf, donated £50 towards the running of the Gorom-Gorum School. The card features the image shown above and you will also receive an envelope with the card.

£50 Gorom-Gorom School
GBP 50.00

You can find out more about Gorom-Gorom School by clicking here.




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